Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Books Available

Take a look at these 180 new books that just arrived! You can check out any of them for four weeks with your SWC photo ID card.

BF173 .J7253
The undiscovered self

BF448 .G53 2005
Blink : the power of thinking without thinking

BF698.9.I6 K38 2013
Ungifted : intelligence redefined

BL580 .B76 2011
Encyclopedia of sacred places

BM695.H3 A84 2013
Hanukkah in America : a history

CB158 .S54 2012
The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail--but some don't

CT3295 .P47 1995
Eight bright candles : courageous women of Mexico

D805.P7 S72313 1994

DA566.9.C5 J64 2009

DF77 .B58
The archaeology of Greece : an introduction

DG311 .G53 1979
Gibbon's Decline and fall of the Roman Empire

DR432 .K43 2011
Daily life in the Ottoman Empire

DS36.7 .T45 2013
The world through Arab eyes : Arab public opinion and the reshaping of the Middle East

DS559.8.C5 M37 2012
Agent Orange : history, science, and the politics of uncertainty

DS917.444 .O55 2013
North and South Korea

DT433.58 .H67 2012
Kenya : a history since independence

DT1787 .B43 2014
The history of South Africa

E98.F39 W66 2011
American nations : a history of the eleven rival regional cultures of North America

E184.A1 M88 2014
Multiracial America

E184.A1 R635 2013
Celebrating debutantes and quinceañeras : coming of age in American ethnic communities

E185.615 .K287 2013
Controversy and hope : the civil rights photographs of James Karales

E185.625 .R78 2013
The color complex : the politics of skin color in a new millennium

E453 .O13 2013
Freedom national : the destruction of slavery in the United States, 1861-1865

E475.53 .G875 2013
Gettysburg : the last invasion

E580 .G37 2011
Tejanos in gray : Civil War letters of Captains Joseph Rafael de La Garza and ManuelYturri

E713 .H55 2012 Debating American exceptionalism : empire and democracy in the wake of the Spanish-American War

E792 .S53 2013

E866 .C35 2013
Gerald R. Ford : an honorable life

F379.N553 Z454 2009

F596.2 .S34 2006
Aryan cowboys : white supremacists and the search for a new frontier, 1970-2000

F861 .F37 2013
Trees in paradise : a California history

F869 .S22 S6
Index to History of San Diego by William E. Smythe

F869.S39 F46 2006
The oracles : my Filipino grandparents in America

F1219.73 .C355 2011
Daily life of the Aztecs

F1246 .F636 2003
The Californios : photographs and stories about the descendents of the mission era in Baja California, Mexico

F1246 .N54 2002
Baja legends : the historic characters, events, and locations that put Baja California on the map

F1435 .Y822 1978
Yucatan before and after the conquest

G155.A1 C487 2008
City spaces--tourist places : urban tourism precincts

G155.A1 M366 2008
Tourism impacts, planning and management

GC211.2 .B88 2004
Surf science : an introduction to waves for surfing

GF75 .W454 2013
Countdown : our last, best hope for a future on earth? / GN51 .F84 2007 Core concepts in biological anthropology

GN316 .K64 2009
Cultural anthropology

GV706.55 .O55 2014
Professional athletes

GV706.7 .J36 2009
Sport and violence : a critical examination of sport

GV716 .S725 2007
Sport funding and finance

GV840.S8 E94 2011
Surf survival : the surfer's health handbook

GV1785.B3 J85 2007
Josephine Baker in art and life : the icon and the image

HB161 .S652 2009
The wealth of nations

HB501 .F7 2002
Capitalism and freedom

D62.6 .K37 2013
Social change anytime everywhere : how to implement online multichannel strategies to spark advocacy, raise money, and engage your community

HD69.P75 H67 2013
Project management : absolute beginner's guide

HD69.P75 P63 2013
Project management for dummies

HD6054.2.U6 B53 2013
Black women in leadership : their historical and contemporary contributions

HD6054.3 .W635 2011
Women as transformational leaders : from grassroots to global interests /

HD9502.A2 H455 2013
The carbon crunch : how we're getting climate change wrong -- and how to fix it

HF1416.5 .B375 2011
A basic guide to exporting : the official government resource for small- and medium-sized businesses

HF5389 .M3755 2013
Miss Manners minds your business

HF5415.5 .T65 2011
This is service design thinking : basics, tools, cases

HF5549.17 .W384 2013
Profitable diversity: how economic inclusion can lead to success

HF5636 .L33 2013
Accounting for non-accountants : the fast and easy way to learn the basics

HF5823 .K64 2012
Goodvertising : creative advertising that cares

HG4026 .C637 2013
Entrepreneurial financial management : an applied approach

HG8501 .I53
Insurance facts and stats : an introduction to the insurance industry

HM132 .P4185 2013
Behind the shock machine : the untold story of the notorious Milgram psychology experiments

HN79.A4 A535 2013
Cotton tenants : three families

HN981.C6 H85 2011
Human centered design : toolkit

HQ27.5 .E39 2013
Becoming sexual : a critical appraisal of the sexualization of girls

HQ806 .H355 2013
The secrets of surviving infidelity

HQ1018 .S433 2013
The remarriage blueprint : how remarried couples and their families succeed or fail

HQ1034.U5 M62 2004
Civil wars : a battle for gay marriage

HQ1090.27 .P75 2013
Swoon : great seducers and why women love them

HQ1121 .B833 2011
Radical feminists : a guide to an American subculture

HQ1236.5.D44 K75 2009
Half the sky : turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide

HV696.F6 Z5413 2013
Betting on famine : why the world still goes hungry

HV888.5 .D48 2011
Developing cross-cultural competence : a guide for working with children and their families

HV1568.5 B57 2013
The complete guide to getting a job for people with Asperger's syndrome : find the right career and get hired

HV5831.M46 A74 2014
Mexico's drug war

HV6546 .A74 2014
Teen suicide

HV6773 .H33 2014
Hacking and hackers

JK8716 .C33 2004
A changing California

JV6477 .C37 2013
The ethics of immigration

K2000 .R47 2012
Reproductive justice : a global concern

KF308 .E94 2009
Fundamentals of law office management : systems, procedures, and ethics

KF352 .W48 2012
Law in American history

KF389 .A46 2013
The American illness : essays on the rule of law

KF1659 .P35 2012
The small business start-up kit

KF4550 .E663 2013
American epic : reading the US Constitution

KF8742 .S434 2012
Supreme myths : why the Supreme Court is not a court and its justices are not judges

KFC84.B87 P35 2012
The small business start-up kit for California

KFC357.C55 M36 2013
How to form your own California corporation

LC3731 .C3316 2013
Coming of political age : American schools and the civic development of immigrant youth

ML410.M9 J76 2013

ML3506 .S77 2013
Experiencing jazz : a listener's companion

MT1 .B866 2013
Teaching music creatively

N6490 .G7245 2013
100 works of art that will define our age

N7255.P6 A745 1999
Art in Poland, 1572-1764 : land of the winged horsemen

N7345 .A527 2012
The art of modern China

NA200 .C493 2011
A global history of architecture

NA 705 R53
A field guide to American architecture

NA715 .C63 1977
Colonial architecture in New England : from material originally published as the White pine series of architectural monographs, edited by Russell F. Whitehead and Frank Chouteau Brown

NA730.M4 C68 1977
Colonial architecture in Massachusetts : from material originally published as the White pine series of architectural monographs, edited by Russell F. Whitehead and Frank Chouteau Brown

NA 758 H49
Mexican architecture : the work of Abraham Zabludovsky and Teodoro González de León

NA2728 .R48 2012
Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2013

NA7205 .W34 1981
American shelter : an illustrated encyclopedia of the American home

NA7235.M4 E18
Early homes of Massachusetts : from material originally published as the White pine series of architectural monographs, edited by Russell F. Whitehead and Frank Chouteau Brown

NA7235.R4 E18 1977
Early homes of Rhode Island : from material originally published as the White pine series of architectural monographs, edited by Russell F. Whitehead and Frank Chouteau Brown

ND259.O7 A4 2002
José Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934

ND259.V5 A4 1993
National homage, José María Velasco, 1840-1912

NK2004 .T83 1980
20th century decorating, architecture and gardens : 80 years of ideas and pleasure from House and garden

P94.5.W65 C465 2012
Challenging images of women in the media : reinventing women's lives

P95.54 .W35 2011
The communication of hate

PN1584 .S74 2008
Performing arts management : a handbook of professional practices

N4888.O25 M36 2012
Detecting bull : how to identify bias and junk journalism in print, broadcast and on the wild web

PQ8097.N4 V43 1972
The captain's verses (Los versos del capitán)

PQ9281.A66 M4613 1998
Baltasar and Blimunda

PR6037.I83 Z5
Left hand, right hand!

PR6037.I83 Z513
The scarlet tree

PR6037.I83 Z514
Great morning!

PR6037 .I83 Z515
Laughter in the next room

PR6037.I83 Z516
Noble essences : a book of characters

PR9199.3.M8 A6 2013
Dear life : stories

PS1331 .A2 2013
Autobiography of Mark Twain

PS3511.A594 A93 2006
Ask the dust : a novel

PS3556.O844 W4 2013
We are all completely beside ourselves

PS3570.A48 V35 2013
The Valley of Amazement

PS3607.R432 F38 2012
The fault in our stars

PS3611.I44 I58 2014
The invention of wings

Q175 .G3368 2012
Scientific method in brief

Q175.32.K45 A74 2012
The half-life of facts : why everything we know has an expiration date

QA76.73 .J39 B75 2013
Javascript 60 success secrets - 60 most asked questions on javascript - what you need to know

QA76.76.H94 B439 2012
Beginning XML

QA76.76.T48 W475 2012
How Google tests software

QA117 .E47 2011
Extending children's mathematics : fractions and decimals

QA273 .T48 2012
Understanding probability

QC21.3 .O55 2012
ABC of physics : a very brief guide

QC24.5 .S87 2013
The theoretical minimum : what you need to know to start doing physics

QC495.3 .E25 2013
The secret language of color : science, nature, history, culture, beauty of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet

QC903.2.U6 K35 2012
Climate change in California : risk and response

QE539 .C64 2013
The earthquake observers : disaster science from Lisbon to Richter

QE606 .Y43 2012
Active faults of the world

QH543 .C69 2013
Climate change : biological and human aspects

QP144.M54 S65 2014
Pure and modern milk : an environmental history since 1900

RA427.8 .C64 2012
Community organizing and community building for health and welfare

RA601 .G536 2012
Something to chew on : challenging controversies in food and health

RS100 .L5 2014
Blockbuster drugs : the rise and fall of the pharmaceutical industry

T375 .L63 2011
Tutorial Guide to Autocad 2012

T385 .S436 2009
Autocad 2010 tutorial. First level, 2D fundamentals

TA174 .P63 2010
Drawing and detailing using SolidWorks 2010

TD345 .S29 2012
Drinking water : a history

TH1101 .N423 1995
Design and construction of wood-framed buildings

TJ147 .R56 2010
Making things move : DIY mechanisms for inventors, hobbyists, and artists

TK151 .C8 2013
American electricians' handbook

TK5105.888 .M348 2011
Responsive web design

TK7868.D5 F53 2009
Digital fundamentals

TK7887 .R67 2013
Computer repair with diagnostic flowcharts : troubleshooting PC hardware problems from boot failure to poor performance

TR659.8 .M35 2011
Vivian Maier : street photographer

TX353 .O94 2012
The Oxford handbook of food history

TX783 .P343 2012
Sugar and spice : sweets and treats from around the world

TX801 .M235 2013
Vegetable literacy : cooking and gardening with twelve families from the edible plant kingdom, with over 300 deliciously simple recipes

TX814.5.F5 B33 2013
Cooking with flowers : sweet and savory recipes with rose petals, lilacs, lavender, and other edible flowers

TX 911.3.M27 C64 2008
Understanding the global spa industry : spa management

TX911.3.M27 W55 2002
Understanding the hospitality consumer

U21.2 .O55 2014

UG1242.D7 A74 2013

Leisure Reading 3429
Our fathers

Leisure Reading 3430
A soldier's book

Leisure Reading 3431
Goodnight mind : turn off your noisy thoughts and get a good night's sleep

Leisure Reading 3432
Merry men

Leisure Reading 3433
The last of her kind

Leisure Reading 3435
Critique of criminal reason

Leisure Reading 3436
Hiss and hers : an Agatha Raisin mystery

Leisure Reading 3437
A Chinese life

Leisure Reading 3438

Leisure Reading 3441
The first phone call from heaven

Leisure Reading 3442
Agua para elefantes

Leisure Reading 3443
Hark! : a vagrant /