Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Books Available

Over 200 books were just added to the collection. Which ones are you going to take home to read?

Books may be checked out from the New Book Area for 4 weeks with your SWC photo ID card.

New books are shelved in call number order. Did you ever wonder what those letters and numbers mean? Read more about it in the Library of Congress reference guide to call numbers in academic libraries.

New Books - October 2014

BF199 .H47 2013
The tell : the little clues that reveal big truths about who we are

BF311 .G692 2013
Consciousness and the social brain

BJ1589 .M33 2014
You are not special-- : and other encouragements

BJ1611.2 .W27 1984
Seeds of greatness : the ten best-kept secrets of total success

BP605.P46 R44 2008
Raven : the untold story of the Rev. Jim Jones and his people

BR145.3 .B57 2014
A short history of Christianity

BR515 .B59 2012
The color of Christ : the Son of God and the saga of race in America

BR516 .O55 2014
Religious liberty

D421 .L86 2013
A short history of the twentieth century

D769.8.A6 B43 2014
Japanese-American internment during World War II

D810.S2 J33 2014
Operation Paperclip : the secret intelligence program to bring Nazi scientists to America

D839.7.A56 A3 2012
Interventions : a life in war and peace

D840 .B88 2013
Year zero : a history of 1945

D843 .F456 2014
Cold War : an international history

D2009 .A14 2004
21 debated : issues in world politics

DK43 .F54 2014
Revolutionary Russia, 1891 - 1991 : a history

DK602.3 .M47 2013
Red fortress : history and illusion in the Kremlin

DL65 .O45 2013
The Vikings

DS119.7 .O55 2014
The Palestinian territories

DS318.8 .B82 2013
Days of God : the revolution in Iran and its consequences

DS359.7 .D35 2013
The return of a king : the battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42

DT157.63 D24 2005
They poured fire on us from the sky : the true story of three lost boys from Sudan

E98.R4 H55 2010
American Indian removal and the trail to Wounded Knee

E184.C5 L75 2001
Double luck : memoirs of a Chinese orphan

E184.M5 A64 2012
Barrios to burbs : the making of the Mexican American middle class

E184.M5 O58 2014
In the spirit of a new people : the cultural politics of the Chicano movement

E185 .G26 2013
The African Americans : many rivers to cross

E185.615 .H645 1995
Killing rage : ending racism

E185.615 .R522 2014
Pageants, parlors, and pretty women : race and beauty in the twentieth-century South

E185.625 .J658 2013
A dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obama's America

E357 .B53 2012
The weight of vengeance : the United States, the British empire, and the War of 1812

E449 .D24 2014
The problem of slavery in the age of emancipation

E467 .D66 2013
Don't hurry me down to Hades : the Civil War in the words of those who lived through it

E475.53 .G725 2013
The illustrated Gettysburg reader : an eyewitness history of the Civil War's greatest battle

E475.55 .J65 2013
Writing the Gettysburg Address

E715 .H59 2012
The Spanish-American War

E757 .G66 2013
The bully pulpit : Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of journalism

E838.5.K42 A4 2013
The letters of John F. Kennedy

E846 .P37 2012
The eve of destruction : how 1965 transformed America

E877 .A45 2000
I love you, Ronnie : the letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan

E897.4.G37 A3 2014
Duty : memoirs of a Secretary at war

E901.1.G54 A3 2011
Gabby : a story of courage and hope

F869.L89 M447 2013
The Zoot Suit Riots

F1234 .M68326 2013
La Cristiada : the Mexican people's war for religious liberty

GB2425.M9 W47 2013
The melting world : a journey across America's vanishing glaciers

GE105 M55 2007
Sustaining the earth : an integrated approach.

GE180 .L39 2006
The environmental case : translating values into policy

GN285 .P33 2014
Neanderthal man : in search of lost genomes

HB801 .M83 2013
Scarcity : why having too little means so much

HC110.P6 A54 2013
The American way of poverty : how the other half still lives

HD30.28 .W43 2012
Strategic management and business policy : toward global sustainability

HD30.37 .B33 2010
Management strategies for the cloud revolution : how cloud computing is transforming business and why you can't afford to be left behind

HD58.7 .G7176 2011
Behavior in organizations

HD60 .O55 2014
Corporate social responsibility

HD60 .P727 2012
Social entrepreneurship : theory and practice

HD2346.U5 D78 1993
Innovation and entrepreneurship : practice and principles

HD6061.2.U6 C87 2014
The wage gap

HF5387 .H3743 2014
Business ethics : decision making for personal integrity and social responsibility

HF5415.13 .C533 2013
Supply chain management : strategy, planning, and operation

HF5415.32 .S6 2012
Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being

HF5548.4.M523 M1843 2013
Excel 2013 : the missing manual

HF5548.4.M525 C66 2013
Office 2013 : the missing manual

HF5679 .B53253 2014
QuickBooks 2014 : the missing manual

HM743 .A74 2014
Location-based social networking and services

HM851 .P345 2013
The distraction addiction : getting the information you need and the communication you want without enraging your family, annoying your colleagues, and destroying your soul

HN90.M6 O55 2014
American values

HQ57.5.A3 K465 2013
The sex education debates

HQ755.85 .F688 2013
Mothers who can't love : a healing guide for daughters

HQ767 .O55 2014

HQ767.5.U5 H55 2008
Roe v. Wade

HQ767.87 .H48 2001
A history of childhood : children and childhood in the West from medieval to modern times

HQ767.9 .A74 2014
Cell phones in schools

HQ774.5 .K57 2014
How toddlers thrive : what parents can do today for children ages 2-5 to plant the seeds of lifelong success

HQ784.I58 S75 2012
Talking back to Facebook : a common sense guide to raising kids in the digital age

HQ799.2.I5 B68 2014
It's complicated : the social lives of networked teens

HQ800.15 .A74 2014
Do abstinence programs work?

HQ1061 .O55 2014
The aging population

HQ1075 .O55 2014
Gender roles

HQ1090.3 .K55175 2013
Angry white men : American masculinity at the end of an era

HQ1166 .W45 2013
Daughters and granddaughters of farmworkers : emerging from the long shadow of farm labor

HQ1170 .A346 2013
Do Muslim women need saving?

HQ1219 .A74 2014
Beauty pageants

HQ1237.5.U6 R578 2013
The new soft war on women : how the myth of female ascendance is hurting women, men-and our economy

HQ1726 .N33 2013
Women's roles in Asia

HV875.57.N48 K69 1995
Amazing grace : the lives of children and the conscience of a nation.

HV4505 .C87 2014
Poverty and homelessness

HV5089 S56
Prohibition, the era of excess. With a pref. by Richard Hofstadter.

HV5745 .A74 2014
Teen smoking

HV5822.M3 F69 2013
Marijuana is safer : so why are we driving people to drink?

HV5825 .S37
The politics of drugs : marijuana to mainlining

HV6432.7 .H534 2012
The September 11 terrorist attacks

HV6433.785 .A74 2014
Piracy on the high seas

HV6441 .O55 2014
Organized crime

HV6534.P38 O35 2013
Hunting season : immigration and murder in an all-American town

HV6561 .F74 2013
Redefining rape : sexual violence in the era of suffrage and segregation

HX39.5 .S67 2013
Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century life

JA66 .L39 2006
The human polity : a comparative introduction to political science

JC421 .R86 2013
The confidence trap : a history of democracy in crisis from World War I to the present

JC599.U5 N26 2007
A nation of sheep

JK271 .T37 2007
Taking sides. Clashing views on political issues

JK276 .H37 2011
A more perfect union

JK276 .K66 2012
The American political system

JK528 .W37 2008
The road to the White House 2008 : the politics of presidential elections

JK2281 .K239 2004
No holds barred : negativity in U.S. Senate campaigns

JV6450 .C87 2014

JV6453 .H56 2009
The dream of America : immigration, 1870-1920

JZ1735 .T53 O55 2014

KF224.S3 J64 2007
The Scopes "Monkey Trial"

KF9246 .A74 2014
Self-defense laws

LB1050.5 .S42 2003
Overcoming dyslexia : a new and complete science-based program for reading problems at any level

LB1140.4 D63 2002
The creative curriculum for preschool

LB1556.5 .L93 2014
The public school advantage : why public schools outperform private schools

LB2328 .N4 v.165
Strengthening community colleges through institutional collaborations

LB2395.3 .M28 2007
Reading and all that jazz : tuning up your reading, thinking, and study skills

LB2806.36 .R38 2013
Reign of error : the hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to America's public schools

LB3060.83 .C64 2014
Common core meets education reform : what it all means for politics, policy, and the future of schooling

LC2330 .Y69 2013
I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban

N72.P6 L37 2013
A people's art history of the United States : 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements

N6537.T78 A45 2013
James Turrell : a retrospective

N6555.5.E76 F59 2013
Mexico's revolutionary avant-gardes : from Estridentismo to ¡30-30!

NA735.L55 O94 2013
Overdrive : L.A. constructs the future, 1940-1990

NA5620.S9 S36 2006
Basilica : the splendor and the scandal : building St. Peter's

NC 975 A1 I5
Illustrators; the annual of American illustration

NC 997 A1 G75
Graphis design annual

NC 1800 G7
Poster annual

NX512.3.A35 G75 2013
Harlem nocturne : women artists and progressive politics during World War II

P87.25 .O55 2014
Mass media

P120.S48 T36 1994
Gender and discourse.

PE1404.W94 2008
Steps to writing well : with additional readings.

PN56.I64 E34 2013
The edge of the precipice : why read literature in the digital age?

PN1982.H46 J66 2013
Jim Henson : the biography

PN1995.9.M86 K56 2013
Musicals on the silver screen

PN4815.2 .O55 2014

PN4874.H477 G65 2013
America 1933 : the Great Depression, Lorena Hickok, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the shaping of the New Deal

PQ2226 .A385 2002
The Count of Monte Cristo

PQ6664.A8932 D57 2013
Dispara, yo ya estoy muerto : [una novela]

PQ7298.26.I8 V34 1989
Vals de Mefisto

PQ7298.432.I428 S5313 2014
Quesadillas : a novel

PR2755 .W45 2005
The complete works

PR2895 .B789 2009
Shakespeare : the illustrated and updated edition

PR2910 .M243 2013
Shakespeare's restless world

PR5581 .B383 2013
Tennyson : to strive, to seek, to find

PR6011.O58 R6 2011
A room with a view, Where angels fear to tread

PR6029.R8 Z62 2013
George Orwell : English rebel

PR6063.A869 O52 2013
On poetry

PR9199.3.A8 M34 2013
MaddAddam : a novel

PR9619.4 .Z87 B66 2013
The book thief

PS3523.O46 Z6825 2013
Jack London : an American life

PS3537.I85 Z59 2013
Upton Sinclair : California socialist, celebrity intellectual

PS 3545 H16 A64
The age of innocence

PS 3545 O98 W3
War and remembrance a novel

PS 3545 O98 W5
The winds of war, a novel.

PS3566.Y55 B54 2013
Bleeding edge

PS3567.U336 S75 2014
Still life with bread crumbs : a novel

PS3605.G48 C57 2013
The circle : a novel

PS3608.I4342 N67 2013
NOS4A2 : a novel

PS3613.C28 G66 2013
The Good Lord Bird

PS3613.I5446 L37 2014
The last days of California : a novel

PS3618.I35 G65 2014
Golden state : a novel

PT2603.E455 Z6455 2014
Walter Benjamin : a critical life

PT2635.E68 I63 1958
All quiet on the western front

PT2635.I65 N4913 2014
New poems

PZ7.B3805475 Kn 2013
Knock knock : my dad's dream for me

PZ7.B38125 Jo 2013 Journey

PZ7.D5455 Fl 2013
Flora and Ulysses : the illuminated adventures

PZ7.I217 Flo 2013
Flora and the flamingo

PZ7.M7881927 Nin 2013
NiƱo wrestles the world

PZ7.T66414 Pan 2013
Pancho Rabbit and the coyote : a migrant's tale

PZ7.W6367 Mr 2013 Mr. Wuffles!

PZ 10.3 B123 Jo
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

PZ74.3 .D7 2013
Maria had a little llama

Q175.5 .V44 2013
Life at the speed of light : from the double helix to the dawn of digital life

QA76.17 .B87 2003
Who invented the computer? : the legal battle that changed computing history

QA76.76.H94 M33 2014
HTML5 : the missing manual

QA76.774.M434 P65 2013
Windows 8.1 : the missing manual

QA76.9.A25 P36 2012
Corporate computer security.

QA76.9.D3 M2843 2013
Access 2013 : the missing manual

QA76.9.D343 A3385 2013
Uncharted : big data as a lens on human culture

QC903 .R67 2012
Madlands : a journey to change the mind of a climate sceptic

QD37 .A85 2013
What is chemistry?

QH447 .O55 2014
Human genetics

QH541.5.S3 O55 2014
Endangered oceans

QP145 .R53 2013
Gulp : adventures on the alimentary canal

R726 .A74 2014
The right to die

RA410.53 .B724 2013
The American health care paradox : why spending more is getting us less

RA643.8 .C73 2013
Virus hunt : the search for the origin of HIV

RA975.D57 F56 2013
Five days at Memorial : life and death in a storm-ravaged hospital

RC464.H56 A3 2013
Cracked, not broken : surviving and thriving after a suicide attempt

RC552.T7 E67 2013
The trauma of everyday life

RC553.A88 A74 2014
Why is autism on the rise?

RC1230 .O55 2014

RG627.5 .O55 2014
Birth defects

RJ496.A5 F67 2013
The dyslexia empowerment plan : a blueprint for renewing your child's confidence and love of learning

RM237.73 .T39 2013
Why we get fat and what to do about it

RM258.5 .O55 2014
Dietary supplements

RM301.17 .C87 2014
Prescription drugs

RM301.27 .O55 2014
Medical testing

SB951.14 .C87 2014

TJ223.P76 G36 2007
Fundamentals of microcontrollers and applications in embedded systems (with the PIC18 microcontroller family)

TJ807.9.U6 S54 2013
Renewable : the world-changing power of alternative energy

TK1365.J3 L63 2014
Fukushima : the story of a nuclear disaster

TK9145 .S556 2012
Nuclear roulette : the truth about the most dangerous energy source on earth

TL152.3 .A74 2014
Road rage

TR145.L662 2002
Photography [Custom edition]

TX360.U6 A74 2014
Should the government regulate what people eat?

TX392 .S446 2013
The vegetarian crusade : the rise of an American reform movement, 1817-1921

TX715.2.C34 G65 2013
Inside the California food revolution : thirty years that changed our culinary consciousness

TX725.M628 M35 2012
The complete Middle Eastern cookbook

TX837 .K25925 2013
The heart of the plate : vegetarian recipes for a new generation

UB403 .C87 2014
Military families

UH603 .J66 2013
They were soldiers : how the wounded return from America's wars--the untold story

Lesiure Reading 2363
The reader.

Lesiure Reading 3288
The girl with the dragon tattoo

Lesiure Reading 3300
The girl who played with fire

Lesiure Reading 3345
Old filth

Lesiure Reading 3466
The girl who kicked the hornet's nest

Lesiure Reading 3467
Minecraft : the unlikely tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the game that changed everything

Lesiure Reading 3468
The panopticon : a novel

Lesiure Reading 3469
One more thing : stories and other stories

Lesiure Reading 3470
Running lean

Lesiure Reading 3471
The Double Comfort Safari Club