Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Books Available

Ready for a break? Check out the latest new books added to the collection! Over 200 books to browse.

BD435 .S29 2013
Death and the afterlife

BF503 .G53 2013
David and Goliath : underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants

BF637.L4 B37 2009
On becoming a leader

BF722 .N53 2008
Week by week : plans for documenting children's development

BJ1671 .H35 2006
Letters to a young brother : manifest your destiny

D521 .K34 1999
The First World War

D521 .O946 2014
The Oxford illustrated history of the First World War 

D523 .L437 2014
Archduke Franz Ferdinand lives! : A world without World War I

DD290.33.M47 K67 2013
Angela Merkel : the Chancellor and her world

DG315 .B334 2012
Constantine, divine emperor of the Christian golden age

DK214 .F53 2012
The Crimean War : a history

DK254.L4 S4323 2000
Lenin : a biography

DS357.5 .S56 2012
Afghanistan : a cultural history

DS763.63.C58 C43 2013
Empress Dowager Cixi : the concubine who launched modern China

E99.P9 C8446 2012
Crucible of pueblos : the early Pueblo period in the northern Southwest

E184.A1 P725 2013
What is your race? : the census and our flawed efforts to classify Americans

E184.A1 R4467 2014
Reproducing racism : how everyday choices lock In white advantage

E184.M5 D69 2014
Mexican Americans and the question of race

E184.M5 O27 2000
Las obreras : Chicana politics of work and family

E184.M5 P425 2006
Mestizaje : critical uses of race in Chicano culture

E184.S75 F46 2014
Our America : a Hispanic history of the United States

E184.S75 F46 2014
Our America : a Hispanic history of the United States

E184.S75 L385 2013
Latino Americans : the 500-year legacy that shaped a nation

E184.S75 V38 2009
Latino/a thought : culture, politics, and society

E185.61 .B6 2006
The Black power movement : rethinking the civil rights-Black power era

E185.61 .S93 1996
Days of hope : race and democracy in the New Deal Era

E185.615 .L47 2001
Liberation, imagination, and the Black Panther Party : a new look at the Panthers and their legacy

E185.86 .M637 2014
Black stats : African Americans by the numbers in the twenty-first century

E185.97.H68 M12
Groundwork : Charles Hamilton Houston and the struggle for civil rights

E813 .S54 2013
Harry Truman and the struggle for racial justice

E842.9 .M54 2013
Dallas 1963

E902 .B353 2013
Days of fire : Bush and Cheney in the White House

F232.H23 N49 2010
An African American history of the Civil War in Hampton Roads

F1219.3.R38 K76 2012
Aztec goddesses and Christian Madonnas : images of the divine feminine in Mexico

F1418 .L66 2012
Looking North : writings from Spanish America on the US, 1800 to the present

G465 .N365 2013
Four seasons of travel : 400 of the world's best destinations in winter, spring, summer, and fall

GB5019 .A74 2014
Are natural disasters increasing?

GV199.42.C22 S2667 2011
50 best short hikes : San Diego

GV567.5 .T39 2012
Raising the stakes : e-sports and the professionalization of computer gaming

GV706.8 .A74 2014
Are athletes good role models?

GV848.25 .M23 2006
Coaching hockey for dummies

GV939.M29 J33 2013
Slow getting up : a story of NFL survival from the bottom of the pile

GV943 .W555 2013
Inverting the pyramid : the history of soccer tactics

GV943.9.T7 K57 2011
Soccer anatomy

GV1132.T97 A3 2013
Undisputed truth

GV1763 .O9
American square dances of the West and Southwest

HD30.28 .H586 2013
Strategic management : competitiveness and globalization : cases

HD30.28 .W43 2012
Concepts in strategic management and business policy : toward global sustainability

HD30.3 .G57 2014
Conversational intelligence : how great leaders build trust and get extraordinary results

HD38.5 .S87 2011
Sustainable supply chain management : practical ideas for moving towards best practice

HD57.7 .Y85 2013
Leadership in organizations

HD60 .M28 2013
Conscious capitalism : liberating the heroic spirit of business

HD60 .W46 2011
Strategic corporate social responsibility : stakeholders in a global environment

HD62.4 .D47 2011
International management : managing across borders and cultures : text and cases

HD1527.C2 S84 2004
Beasts of the field : a narrative history of California farm workers, 1769-1913

HD2755.5 .D35 2013
International business : environments and operations
HD2755.5 .K575 2010
No logo : no space, no choice, no jobs

HD7293.Z9 A74 2014
The American housing crisis

HD8039.O332 M66 1999
The maquiladora reader : cross-border organizing since NAFTA

 HD9696.2.A2 V64 2013
 Dogfight : how Apple and Google went to war and started a revolution

HF1416 .I617 2011
International marketing and export management

HF5415.1265 .V39 2013
Jab, jab, jab, right hook : how to tell your story in a noisy social world

HG3336 .B45 2013
The rise of the People's Bank of China : the politics of institutional change

HG3881 .E655 2012
International financial management

HJ261 .Z37 2013
Treasury's war : the unleashing of a new era of financial warfare

HJ6690 .A74 2013
Smuggler nation : how illicit trade made America

HM586 .D68 2007
Down to earth sociology : introductory readings

HM1206 .C376 2013
Communication power

HM1261 .B39 2008
The Bass handbook of leadership : theory, research, and managerial applications

HQ759.48 .S33 2014
Overwhelmed : work, love, and play when no one has the time

HQ777 .W374 2014
Redefining girly : how parents can fight the stereotyping and sexualizing of girlhood, from birth to tween

HQ799.2.P6 F65 2013
Teenage citizens : the political theories of the young

HQ1034.U5 P54 2013
Same-sex marriage in the United States : the road to the Supreme Court

HQ1237 .O55 2014

HT1121 .G73 2013
The Empire of necessity : slavery,freedom, and deception in the New World
HV2530 .G36 2011
Deaf heritage : a narrative history of deaf America

HV4998 .O55 2014

HV5822.M3 L34 2012
Smoke signals : a social history of marijuana : medical, recreational, and scientific

HV6556 .O55 2014
Sexual violence

HV6773 .O475 2013
We are Anonymous : inside the hacker world of LulzSec, Anonymous, and the global cyber insurgency

HV7436 .G6759 2011
Shooting blanks : facts don't matter to the gun ban crowd

HV7936.C83 O55 2014
Community policing

JK21 .K65 2012
Readings in American politics : analysis and perspectives

JK275 .B53 2011
American politics today

JK276 .A43 2009
American democracy now

JK276 .G55 2011
We the people : an introduction to American politics

JK1991.5 .A74 2014
Super PACs

JK2249 .S34 2013
Extortion : how politicians extract your money, buy votes, and line their own pockets / JK2281 .A74 2014 Negative Campaigning

JV6477 .N53 2013
The DREAMers : how the undocumented youth movement transformed the immigrant rights debate

LB1139.5.R43 N45 2012
Transforming early learners into superb readers : promoting literacy at school, at home, and within the community

LB2328.15.U6 B43 2010
Gateway to opportunity? : a history of the community college in the United States

LB3051 .R3553 2013
Testing wars in the public schools : a forgotten history

LC1099.3 .C487 2010
Strategies and lessons for culturally responsive teaching : a primer for K-12 teachers

LC1099.3 .N542 2013
Finding joy in teaching students of diverse backgrounds : culturally responsive and socially just practices in U.S. classrooms

LC1099.3 .T54 2010
Multicultural teaching : a handbook of activities, information, and resources

LC1201 .H44 2012
Effective inclusive schools : designing successful schoolwide programs

 LC2731 .B73 2013
Promises kept : raising Black boys to succeed in school and in life

ML410.B853 P68 2013
Benjamin Britten : a life for music

ML410.E44 T38 2013
Duke : a life of Duke Ellington

ML419.P4 C76 2013
Kansas City lightning : the rise and times of Charlie Parker

ML420.D98 B77 2014
Bob Dylan : American troubadour

ML420.S77 D43 2014
Bruce Springsteen : American poet and prophet

ML421.B68 O47 2013
Bon Jovi : America's ultimate band

ML3506 .C69 2013
The chronicle of jazz

N6497 .S65 2009
What is contemporary art?

N6537.W28 K48 2013
Andy Warhol

N6538.N5 S595 2012
African American art : Harlem Renaissance, civil rights era, and beyond

NA281 .C66 2014
The Parthenon enigma

NA680 .F46
Makers of modern architecture

ND237.M239 C67 2013
Brice Marden

ND237.O5 G754 2014
Georgia O'Keeffe

ND259.V5 A4 1993
National homage, José María Velasco, 1840-1912

ND497.B336 H366 2013
Francis Bacon

NK600 .H57 2013
History of design : decorative arts and material culture, 1400-2000

NK1270 .B7613 2013
Islamic geometric design

PA6163 .O95 2013
The Oxford anthology of literature in the Roman world

PE1066 .C66 2007
Como aprendí inglés : 55 latinos realizados relatan las lecciones de idioma y vida
PE1122 .T49 2006
The thoughtful reader /

PE1408 .C5485 2010
Writing logically, thinking critically

PE1408 .M34 2011
Rhetorical devices : a handbook and activities for student writers

PG3488.O4 R313 1995
Cancer ward

PJ1097 .Z38 1992
Hieroglyphs without mystery : an introduction to ancient Egyptian writing

PN1995.9.P7 D544 2013
Directors close up 2 : interviews with directors nominated for best film by the Directors Guild of America : 2006-2012

PN1998.3.M494 M34 2008
Oscar Micheaux, the great and only : the life of America's first Black filmmaker

PN2101 .C36 2013
The Cambridge companion to theatre history

PN2287.M6996 A3 2013
Rita Moreno : a memoir

PN3448.L67 W37 2013
The glass slipper : women and love stories

PQ6664.A8932 D56 2011
Dime quién soy

PQ7389.G84 A6 1998
Nicolás Guillén nueva antología.

PQ8180.32.A797 R8513 2013
The sound of things falling

PS490 .W45 2001
Profiles in children's literature : discussions with authors, artists, and editors

PS3509.L43 W3 2001
The waste land : authoritative text, contexts, criticism

PS3551.N27 O43 2013
The old man's love story

PS3551.N27 R36 2011
Randy Lopez goes home : a novel

PS3563.A319 B9 2003
By sorrow's river : a novel

PS3563.A878 D39 2014
The days of Anna Madrigal : a novel

PS3569.H7385 L37 2001
The last time they met : a novel

PS3570.A657 S4 2002
The secret history

QA76 .B3753 2012
Digitized : the science of computers and how it shapes our world

QA76.17 .H35 2005
Electronic brains : stories from the dawn of the computer age

QA76.2.A35 M35 1999
Makin' numbers : Howard Aiken and the computer

QA76.76.H94 D837 2011
HTML and CSS : design and build websites

QA76.774.M434 P64 2013
Windows 8

QA76.8.I64 C44 2012
Always on : how the iPhone unlocked the anything-anytime-anywhere future--and locked us in

QA76.8.M3 P6365 2014
Switching to the Mac

QB631.S66 1992
Embracing earth : new views of our changing planet.

QB982 .O78 2013
Heart of darkness : unraveling the mysteries of the invisible universe

QP411 .D44 2014
Consciousness and the brain : deciphering how the brain codes our thoughts

R726 .S576 2006
Darwinian fairytales : selfish genes, errors of heredity, and other fables of evolution

R730 .B69 2013
Quack medicine : a history of combating health fraud in twentieth-century America

RA638 .A74 2014
Should vaccinations be mandatory?

RA645.O23 C64 2014
A big fat crisis : the hidden forces behind the obesity epidemic - and how we can end it

RA651 .H37 2012
Contagion : how commerce has spread disease

RC261 .H58 2013
Introduction to cancer biology

RC280.B8 B6876 2013
Breast cancer journey : the essential guide to treatment and recovery.

RC531 .S758 2013
My age of anxiety : fear, hope, dread, and the search for peace of mind

RC1220.F6 F35 2013
League of denial : the NFL, concussions, and the battle for truth

RG651 L23 2014
Labor day: true birth stories by today's best women writers

RJ399.C6 W37 2013
Always the fat kid : the truth about the enduring effects of childhood obesity

RJ506.H9 H57 2014
The ADHD explosion : myths, medication, money, and today's push for performance

RM333.5 .M55 2014
Drugged : the science and culture behind psychotropic drugs

RM666.C266 N48 2013
Marijuana : a reference handbook

SB472.45 .O92 2013
Planting : a new perspective

T174.7 .O55 2014

TC163 .S68 2012
Fire service hydraulics and pump operations

TH4890 .R69 2013
Compact houses : 50 creative floor plans for efficient, well-designed small homes

TJ211.2 .O55 2014
Robotic technology

TJ603.2 .F56 2013

TK5103.4885 .R39 2011
Emerging Wireless Technologies and the Future Mobile Internet 

TK5105.386 .D59 2013
Streaming : movies, media, and instant access

TK5105.5 .T36 2011
Computer networks

TK7867 .B66 2006
Electronic devices and circuit theory

TK7867 .W53 1996
Analog electronics : devices, circuits, and techniques

TK7881.4 .H783 2014
Modern recording techniques

TR655 .G53 2001
Ex libris : photographs and constructs

TR655 .S495 2014
Cindy Sherman

TR897.7 .S48 2013
Moving innovation : a history of computer animation

TS155 .S334 2013
 Operations management in the supply chain : decisions and cases

TX353 .C565 2004
Cuisine and culture : a history of food and people

TX715 .S6655 2013
History of American cooking

TX716.M4 P543 2012
Planet taco : a global history of Mexican food

TX837 .M754 2007
Veganomicon : the ultimate vegan cookbook

U408.5 .B73 2012
ASVAB study guide 2014 : test prep with practice questions

Z679.7 .D32 2012
Emergency planning and response for libraries, archives, and museums

Z692.C65 J64 2013
Developing and managing electronic collections : the essentials

ZA4201 .O55 2014
Internet censorship
Leisure Reading 2698
Spandau Phoenix

Leisure Reading 2699
True evil

Leisure Reading 2700
The devil's punchbowl

Leisure Reading 2702
Sleep no more.

Leisure Reading 2703
Third degree

Leisure Reading 2881
Something borrowed, someone dead : an Agatha Raisin mystery

Leisure Reading 3473
Columbus : the four voyages

Leisure Reading 3474
The Gettysburg Address : a graphic adaptation

Leisure Reading 3475
The innocent man : murder and injustice in a small town

Leisure Reading 3476
Flight of the Intruder

Leisure Reading 3477
Glitter and glue : a memoir

Leisure Reading 3478
A tale of two lives : the Susan Lefevre fugitive story

Leisure Reading 3479

Leisure Reading 3480
Hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet : a novel

Leisure Reading 3481
Lone survivor : the eyewitness account of Operation Redwing and the lost heroes of SEAL Team 10

Leisure Reading 3482
Major Pettigrew's last stand : a novel

Leisure Reading 3483
Wild fire

Leisure Reading 3484
Raising Cain : how the Bible shapes the things you say

Leisure Reading 3485
The new deputy in town

Leisure Reading 3486
Echo burning

Leisure Reading 3487
Warning signs

Leisure Reading 3488
In search of Moby Dick : quest for the white whale

Leisure Reading 3489
The gift of adversity : the unexpected benefits of life's difficulties, setbacks, and imperfections

Leisure Reading 3490
The Jericho sanction : a novel

Leisure Reading 3491
Woman rebel : the Margaret Sanger story

Leisure Reading 3492
Talking to your doctor : a patient's guide to communication in the exam room and beyond

Leisure Reading 3493
Dance while you can
Leisure Reading 3494 Heartwishes : an Edilean novel

Leisure Reading 3495
Midnight runner