Thursday, June 4, 2015

New Books Available

Over 150 new books -- which ones will you add to your summer reading list?

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Call Number/Title
BF121 .F34 2011
Understanding psychology

BF511 .F73 2014
Joy, guilt, anger, love : what neuroscience can--and can't--tell us about how we feel

BF575.H27 A267 2013
Before happiness : the 5 hidden keys to achieving success, spreading happiness, and sustaining positive change

BF697 .O778 2014
Me, myself, and why : searching for the science of self

BF773 .D85 2006
Mindset : the new psychology of success

BJ1533.F2 C67 2011

D581 .M37 2003
Castles of steel : Britain, Germany, and the winning of the Great War at sea

DK510.766.P87 R69 2012
The strongman : Vladimir Putin and the struggle for Russia

DS79.76 .F53 2009
The forever war

DS119.7 .B797 2013
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict : a very short introduction

DS779.4 .W376 2013
China in the 21st century : what everyone needs to know

DT20 .O94 2013

DT636.53.C66 A3 2009
The house at Sugar Beach : in search of a lost African childhood

E78.C15 B655 2009

E184.B89 K53 2010
Strength in what remains

E184.F4 T59 2014

E185.615 .B727 2013
The time is always now : Black thought and the transformation of US democracy

E185.615 .O47 2013
The Black power mixtape : 1967-1975

E185.615 .R35 1996
My first white friend : confessions on race, love, and forgiveness

E185.86 .G377 1996
The future of the race

E540.N3 S67 2013
Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops

E748.K374 A35 2014
The Kennan diaries

F140.22.C47 I64 2013
Chris Christie : the inside story of his rise to power

F548.9.M5 N3 2014

F869.S395 H33 1995
Conquests and historical identities in California, 1769-1936

F1030.1 .C436 2005
Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, 1604-1918 : with a map and two plans

F1234 .F685 2014
Backroads pragmatists : Mexico's melting pot and civil rights in the United States

F1392.J4 G53713 2014
Unwelcome exiles : Mexico and the Jewish refugees from Nazism, 1933-1945

F3169 .T74 2013
Easter Island's silent sentinels : the sculpture and architecture of Rapa Nui

G156.5.E26 F54 2014
Romancing the wild : cultural dimensions of ecotourism

G156.5.E58 .B53 2012
Visit sunny Chernobyl : and other adventures in the world's most polluted places

GC89 .E55 2014

GF50 .N46 2014
New cultural landscapes

GR203.17 .P77 2012
The Russian folktale by Vladimir Yakovlevich Propp

GT2853.U5 T87 2014
How the other half ate : a history of working class meals at the turn of the century

GV341 .D385 2012
ACSM's resources for the group exercise instructor

GV428.7 .G66 2012
Ignite the fire : the secrets to building a successful personal training career

GV545.5 .B37 2013
The total kettlebell workout : trade secrets of a personal trainer

GV706.5 .F35 2013
Fallen sports heroes, media, and celebrity culture

GV770.28 .H54 2014
Bird dream : adventures at the extremes of human flight

GV859.8 .C55 2009
The disposable skateboard bible

GV859.8.S74 D6 2000
Dogtown : the legend of the Z-Boys

GV859.813.H39 A3 2010
How did I get here? : the ascent of an unlikely CEO

GV884.J67 L39 2014

GV885.73.W18 K87 2004
Hot potato : how Washington and New York gave birth to Black basketball and changed America's game forever

GV950 .W45 2014
Season of Saturdays : a history of college football in 14 games

GV1065.17.T73 K36 2014
Feet, don't fail me now : the rogue's guide to running the marathon

GV1588.6 .C73 2014
Sorry I don't dance : why men refuse to move

GV1783 .S524 2013
Performance through the dance technique of Lester Horton

GV1788.S8 2011
The classic ballet : basic technique and terminology

GV1796.S245 S27 2014
Salsa world : a global dance in local contexts

HB3789.C37 2013
Angela Merkel : a chancellorship forged in crisis

HC79.I5 M547 2011
The haves and the have-nots : a brief and idiosyncratic history of global inequality

HC 106.8 B39 1987
The great depression of 1990

HC110.E5 S363 2013
Terra nova : the new world after oil, cars, and suburbs

HD31 .M457 2013

HD53 .G7454 2014
Invent it, sell it, bank it! : make your million-dollar idea into a reality

HD58.9 .B7333 2013
The chaos imperative : how chance and disruption increase innovation, effectiveness, and success

HD62.7 .M387 2014
Roadside MBA : back road lessons for entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners

HD4904.25 .H385 2014
Grandmothers at work : juggling families and jobs

HD9696.S44 I566 2014
The Intel trinity : how Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, and Andy Grove built the world's most important company

HD9970.5.C672 W3533 2002
On her own ground : the life and times of Madam C.J. Walker

HF3128 .F45 2013
Trouble in the middle : American-Chinese business relations, culture, conflict, and ethics

HF5415 .M37953 2013
The complete marketer : 60 essential concepts for marketing excellence

HF5415.1265 .P57 2014
A social strategy : how we profit from social media

HF5478 .M53 2012
Almost free money : how to make significant money from free materials you can find anywhere, including garage sales, scrap metal, and discarded items

HF5548.34 .M33 2014
Enterprise mobility management : everything you need to know about MDM, MAM and BYOD

HG2491 .B23 2012
Bull by the horns : fighting to save Main Street from Wall Street and Wall Street from itself

HG4928.5.L478 2014
Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt

HQ759.48 .A43 2013

HQ775 .C54 2014
When boys become boys : development, relationships, and masculinity

HQ799.7 .T94 2006
Generation me : why today's young Americans are more confident, assertive, entitled--and more miserable than ever before

HQ1063.2.U6 F37 2014
Unretirement : how baby boomers are changing the way we think about work, community, and the good life

HV741 .K365 2014

HV1553 .M33 2009
Disability : a diversity model approach in human service practice

HV7436 .C657 2014
The gun debate : what everyone needs to know

HX843.7.P37 A84 2012
Lucy Parsons : an American revolutionary

JC328.5 .M34 2013
Foreign fighters : transnational identity in civil conflicts

JC571 .I68 2014
Invisible hands : voices from the global economy

JK1726 .W68 2010
Boundaries of obligation in American politics : geographic, national, and racial communities

JK1967 .L45 2014

JQ1850.A91 M66 2014
Democratic uprisings in the new Middle East : youth, technology, human rights, and US foreign policy

KD621.M3 P68 2013
Lord Mansfield : justice in the age of reason

KF4744.515 1964 .P87 2014
An idea whose time has come : two presidents, two parties, and the battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964

KF4749 .R57 2014
The bill of the century : the epic battle for the Civil Rights Act

KF5053 .A87 2013
The contested removal power, 1789-2010

LA217.2 .R495 2014
The new school : how the information age will save American education from itself

LB2395.7 .P68 2014
Postsecondary play : the role of games and social media in higher education

LC2670.6 .H57 2012
The Latino student's guide to college success

LC4024 .H55 2014
Breaking through : using educational technology for children with special needs

LD3413 .G35 2012
James Meredith and the Ole Miss riot : a soldier's story

ML410.B4 S94 2014
Beethoven : anguish and triumph : a biography

ML417.P73 R36 2013

ML419.P4 G5 2013
Celebrating Bird : the triumph of Charlie Parker

ML3400 .M33 2013
Danzón : circum-Caribbean dialogues in music and dance

N6885 .W49 2013
Generation Dada : the Berlin Avant-Garde and the First World War

NC730.B48 2013
Freehand : sketching tips and tricks drawn from art

NC 997 A1 G75 Graphis design annual

PC4640 .Q37 1992
Easy Spanish and English dictionary

PR6107.O6625 M9 2011
The American heiress : a novel

PS572.S3 S26 2013-14
The San Diego poetry annual

PS586.3 .F525 2014

PS3539.A9633 S8 1999
A summons to Memphis

PS3553.I78 H6 1991
The house on Mango Street.

PS3568.O3125 H58 2009

PT2026.F2 P25
Faust : part one and part two

PZ7.Y89655 Ear 2014
Early bird

QA76.59 .S39 2012
The mobile wave : how mobile intelligence will change everything

QA76.76.A65 S53 2012
Mobile development with C#

QA303 .G75 2007
When computers were human

QC981.8.G56 S553 2008
Unstoppable global warming : every 1,500 years

QE721.2.E97 K65 2014

R152 .S86 2014
Surgeon General's warning : how politics crippled the nation's doctor

R858.H42 2012
Health informatics : practical guide for healthcare and information technology professionals

RA399.A1 P67 2006
Redefining health care : creating value-based competition on results

RA639 .Q83 2012
Spillover : animal infections and the next human pandemic

RA644.T7 G58 2014

RA781 .S7525 2014
Functional cross training : the revolutionary, routine-busting approach to total body fitness

RA784.5 .L68 2014
Toxin toxout : getting harmful chemicals out of our bodies and our world

RA1025.M45 A3 2014
Working stiff : two years, 262 bodies, and the making of a medical examiner

RC552.E18 B85 2013
Midlife eating disorders : your journey to recovery

RC632 .H83 M66 2013
Cholesterol clarity : what the HDL is wrong with my numbers?

RC1220.R8 E44 2013
Runner's world running injury-free : how to prevent, treat, and recover from runner's knee, shin splints, sore feet, and every other ache and pain

RZ440 .M65 2014
The doctor's book of natural health remedies : unlock the power of alternative healing and find your path back to health

S494.5.U72 F69 2011
Urban farming : sustainable city living in your backyard, in your community, and in the world

SB126.5 S76 2013
The complete idiot's guide to aquaponic gardening

SB453.5.J64 2014
Citizen farmers : the biodynamic way to grow healthy food, build thriving communities, and give back to the Earth

SF335.U5 M66 2014
Race horse men : how slavery and freedom were made at the racetrack

T58.5 .T498 2014

TD170.93 .V35 2014
Poison spring : the secret history of pollution and the EPA

TD195.L52.B64 2013
The end of night : searching for natural darkness in an age of artificial light

TD794.5.M39524 2013
The upcycle

TH9445.D9 S65 2014

TJ163.4.U6 K78 2008
Earth, the sequel : the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming

TL567.W5 W585 2013
Wind tunnels : design/construction, types and usage limitations

TP1122.S24 2014
Plastic purge : how to use less plastic, eat better, keep toxins out of your body, and help save the sea turtles!

TS171.4 .H868 2014
Product design for the web : principles of designing & releasing web products

TX369 .B3625 2014
The third plate : field notes on the future of food

U264.3 .S45 2013
Command and control : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safety

UG1242.D7 B46 2013
Drone warfare : killing by remote control

Z711 .H419 2014
The reference interview today : negotiating and answering questions face to face, on the phone, and virtually

ZA3075 .H44 2014
Teaching information fluency : how to teach students to be efficient, ethical, and critical information consumers

Leisure Reading 1250

Leisure Reading 2210
The French gardener

Leisure Reading 2211
The mermaid garden.

Leisure Reading 3295
The art of racing in the rain : a novel /

Leisure Reading 3500

Leisure Reading  2501
Allegiant /

Leisure Reading 3505
Sarah's key /

Leisure Reading 3506
Away : a novel /

Leisure Reading 3507
Daughters of Rome /

Leisure Reading 3508
All our worldly goods /

Leisure Reading 3509

Leisure Reading 3510
Gringos in paradise : an American couple builds their retirement dream house in a seaside village in Mexico

Leisure Reading 3511
Remarkable creatures /

Leisure Reading 3512

Leisure Reading 3513
Olive Kitteridge /

Leisure Reading 3526
More than words : stories of courage /

Leisure Reading 3527
The girls from Ames : a story of women and a forty-year friendship /

Leisure Reading 3528
Jewel : a novel /

Leisure Reading 3529
The postmistress /

Leisure Reading 3530
A bold fresh piece of humanity /

Leisure Reading 3531