Monday, August 4, 2014

New Books Available

Wow! Over 200 new books just arrived at the library! Which one will you check out?

You can check out books for four weeks with your SWC photo ID card.

BF637.C6 B48 1987
The professional counselor

BF723.C7 C36 2013
The artist's way for parents : raising creative children

BP55 .H42 2010
After the prophet : the epic story of the Shia-Sunni split in Islam

BT301.3 .A85 2013
Zealot : The life and times of Jesus of Nazareth

CB428 .C58 1989
Ariadne's thread : the search for new modes of thinking

D119 .S55 2013
Middle Ages : everyday life in Medieval Europe

DF78 .G274 2013
Ancient Greece : everyday life in the birthplace of western civilization

DP66 .P53 1999
The history of Spain

DS359 .S24 2012
Modern Afghanistan : a history of struggle and survival

DS907.18 .K5247 2005
The history of Korea

DT61 .B68 2013
Ancient Egypt : everyday life in the land of the Nile

DT236.Q26 P27 2012
Libya : the rise and fall of Qaddafi

DT543.65 .M68 2013
American colony on the Rio Pongo : the War of 1812, the slave trade, and the proposed settlement of African Americans, 1810-1830

DT631 .C56 2013
Another America : the story of Liberia and the former slaves who ruled it

E99.N3 L596 1975
Aztecs and Navajos : a reflection on the right of not being engulfed

E162 .L96 2013
The society for useful knowledge : how Benjamin Franklin and friends brought the enlightenment to America

E179 .J36 2006
Lost treasures of American history

E184.A1 Z47 2009
Blood and politics : the history of the white nationalist movement from the margins to the mainstream

E184.M5 R587 2007
Mongrels, bastards, orphans, and vagabonds : Mexican immigration and the future of race in America

E185 .B574 2013
Black firsts : 4,000 ground-breaking and pioneering historical events

E185.61 M4777 2010
At the dark end of the street : black women, rape, and resistance- a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power

E185.615 .N384 2013
The new Black : what has changed and what has not with race in America

E208 .E48 2013
Revolutionary summer : the birth of American independence

E767 .B47 2013

E842 .D269 2013
Camelot's court : inside the Kennedy White House

E859 .C952 2003
The boys on the bus

F395.M5 G66 2012
Crossing the Rio Grande : an immigrant's life in the 1880s.

F595 .E38 2006
The worst hard time : the untold story of those who survived the great American dust bowl

F805.M5 P47 2012
Clay hills and mud pies

F869.L89 K616 1997
Blue dreams : Korean Americans and the Los Angeles riots

F869.O2 W55 2013
The lost daughter

F1219.3.C6 P74 2013
Merchants, markets, and exchange in the Pre-Columbian world

F1414.2 .B87 1987
Fire in the Americas : forging a revolutionary agenda

F1915.5 .R63 1984
Haiti : the Black republic : the complete story and guide

F2849.22.G85 B8713 2013
Che wants to see you : the untold story of Che in Bolivia

F2849.22.G85 W45 2013
Hunting Che : how a U.S. special forces team helped capture the world's most famous revolutionary

GA205 .A64 2012
Ancient perspectives : maps and their place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece and Rome

GV717 .F54 2012
Cheating the spread : gamblers, point shavers, and game fixers in college football and basketball

GV783 .M384 2012
Paddle your own kayak : an illustrated guide to the art of kayaking

GV865.A1 R378 2013
Nikkei baseball : Japanese American players from immigration and internment to the major leagues

GV959.5 .I64 2012
The rise of gridiron university : higher education's uneasy alliance with big-time football

GV1785.8 .M34 2013
Dancing for young audiences : a practical guide to creating, managing and marketing a performance company

GV1803 .A44 2012
The American circus

HB172.5 .A76 2009

HB172.5 .C693 2014
Principles of macroeconomics

HB501 .M36 1990
Capital : a critique of political economy

HB615 .M587 2013
Micro-entrepreneurship for dummies

HB3717 2008 .E54 2011
Black box casino : how Wall Street's risky shadow banking crashed global finance

HB3730 .B38 2013
The secrets of economic indicators : hidden clues to future economic trends and investment opportunities

HD30.22 .G733 2013
Managerial economics for dummies

HD30.28 .M3839 2012
How to write a business plan

HD38.5 .P348 2012
The lean sustainable supply chain : how to create a green infrastructure with lean technologies

HD58.8 .J53 2011
Managing change : cases and concepts

HD58.9 .R395 2013
The three rules : how exceptional companies think

HD69.B7 W44 2013
Designing brand identity : an essential guide for the whole branding team

HD255 .B63 2013
Fixing and flipping real estate : strategies for the post-boom era

HD8039.F72 U563 2013
Behind the kitchen door

HF5387 .B865 2014
Business ethics

HF5387 .R835 2013
Just business : multinational corporations and human rights

HF5415.1265 .B43 2010
Mobile marketing for dummies

HF5415.1265 .R39 2013
The Facebook guide to small business marketing

HF5415.13 .W48 2013
How to write a marketing plan

HF5438.25 .C51247 2013
Be a direct selling superstar : achieve financial freedom for yourself and others as a direct sales leader

HF5548.34 .S54 2011
M commerce : boost your business with the power of mobile commerce

HF5548.4 .M523 W34579 2013
Excel 2013 bible

HF5549.12 .B453 2012
The first-time manager

HF5549.5.C53 D58 2013
Diversity in coaching : working with gender, culture, race and age

HF5636 .L683 2012
Intermediate accounting for dummies

HF5657.4 .H65 2013
Managerial accounting for dummies

HF5681.H8 B323 2010
HR analysis handbook

HF5686.C8 B69 2013
Cost accounting for dummies

HF5718.3 .G37 2012
HBR guide to better business writing

HG3881 .E97 2013
International finance for dummies

HG8025 .R43 2012
Insurance : concepts and coverage : property, liability, life, health and risk management

HG8531 .H86 2009
Insurance for dummies

HN90.P8 B37 2000
Public opinion : measuring the American mind

HN90.R3 H615 1992
Let them call me rebel : Saul Alinsky, his life and legacy

HQ745 .S74 2005

HQ755.8 .S453 2014
All joy and no fun : the paradox of modern parenthood

HQ769 .B51887 2010
Superbaby : 12 ways to give your child a head start in the first 3 years

HQ1154 .C38 1994
A century of women

HQ1421 .S677 2013
Wonder women : sex, power, and the quest for perfection

HV29.7 .C65 2012
The Columbia guide to social work writing

HV1568 .D367 2013
Disability and identity : negotiating self in a changing society

HV4140.M86 B66 2012
Behind the beautiful forevers

HV5825 .F79 2013
The drug wars in America, 1940-1973

HX843.5 .A97 2012
Sasha and Emma : the anarchist odyssey of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman

JA71 .P6418 2013
The politics book

JA71 .W445 2007
Political philosophies in moral conflict

JA83 .I34 1997
Ideological voices : an anthology in modern political ideas

JA86 .S39 2002
The political science student writer's manual

JC337 .D45 2002
Political thinking, political theory, and civil society / Steven M. DeLue

JK1130 .C35 2012
Term limits and their consequences : the aftermath of legislative reform

JK8716 .J36 2003
Democracy in California : politics and government in the Golden State

JX1952 .C659 1993
Peace works : the citizen's role in ending the Cold War

K370 .V33 1997
Law and society

K3751 .R87 2011
The legal rights of students with disabilities : international perspectives

KF380 .C325 1998
Reason in law

KF593.C6 W55 2013
Negotiating commercial leases and renewals for dummies

KF3775 .V54 2013
Practical environmental law

KF4242 .H45 2013
Priests of our democracy : the Supreme Court, academic freedom, and the anti-communist purge

KF4783.A7 C37 1991
An introduction to constitutional interpretation : cases in law and religion

KF4893 .M39 2013
Bending toward justice : the Voting Rights Act and the transformation of American democracy

LB17 .I59 2005
Introduction to the foundations of American education

LB1028.5 .P425 2013
Mobile learning for all : supporting accessibility with the iPad

LB1048.5 .N54 2013
The parent backpack for kindergarten through grade 5 : how to support your child's education, end homework meltdowns, and build parent-teacher connections

LB1051 .T46 2011
A new culture of learning : cultivating the imagination for a world of constant change

LB1139.25 .C67 2000
Families, schools, and communities : together for young children

LB2328 .N4 v.163
Fostering the liberal arts in the 21st-century community college

LB2328 .N4 v.164
The college completion agenda : practical approaches for reaching the big goal

LB2351.52.U6 J34 2013
B+ grades, A+ college application : how to present your strongest self, write a stand-out admissions essay, and get into the perfect school for you

LB2822.83.N5 K57 2013
Improbable scholars : the rebirth of a great American school system and a strategy for America's schools

LC212.42 .W53 2013
Ebony and ivy : race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities

ML410.S932 M26 2013
Experiencing Stravinsky : a listener's companion

ML420.G253 S3 2002
Judy Garland : the day-by-day chronicle of a legend

ML1038.S74 S65 2012
Steel drums and steelbands : a history

ML3487.B7 H478 2013
Making samba : a new history of race and music in Brazil

ML3790 .F596 2013
Introduction to the music industry : an entrepreneurial approach

ML3795 .P426 2013
Beyond sound : the college and career guide in music technology

MT155 .H55 2012
Music outside the lines : ideas for composing in K-12 music classrooms

MT930 .H75 2005
Music for elementary classroom teachers

N6494.E6 W45 2012
To life! : eco art in pursuit of a sustainable planet

N6853.P5 C595 2013
Picasso and truth : from Cubism to Guernica

NA9013 .B39 2010
Becoming an urban planner : a guide to careers in planning and urban design

NC997.A1 A69
Annual of advertising and editorial art

NC1764 .A24 2008
Drawing words and writing pictures : making comics : manga, graphic novels, and beyond

NC1765 .C38 2011
The world history of animation

ND259 .K33 A2 1995
The diary of Frida Kahlo : an intimate self-portrait

ND1471 .M39 2011
American painters on technique : the colonial period to 1860

ND1471 .M393 2013
American painters on technique : 1860-1945

ND2757.V35 G73 2013
The Vatican : all the paintings : the complete collection of old masters plus more than 300 sculptures, maps, tapestries, and other artifacts

PC4129.E5 Q4 2007
¿QuĂ© tal? : an introductory course

PE1408 .L67 2011
Rhetorical analysis : a brief guide for writers

PE1479.C7 S35 2001
Ways of making literature matter : a brief guide

PN1992.8.S4 S398 2013
The revolution was televised : the cops, crooks, slingers, and slayers who changed TV drama forever

PN4145 L35 2010
Oral interpretation

PN4756 .G56 2013
Global media ethics : problems and perspectives

PR6037.T617 D788 2013
Who was Dracula? : Bram Stoker's trail of blood

PR6063.C335 T73 2013
TransAtlantic : a novel

PR6068.U757 M66 1997
The Moor's last sigh

PS3554.A68 L37 2002
The last defense

PS3562.A316.I58 1999
Interpreter of maladies : stories

PS3566.O82 L68 2013
Love by drowning

Q172.5.C74 J66 2012
The aha! moment : a scientist's take on creativity

QA76.5 .C4175 2013
PCs all-in-one for dummies

QA76.73.B3 N49 2012
Beginning Visual Basic 2012

QA76.73.C153 G7427 2013
Programming C# 5.0

QA76.76.D47 L38 2011
Agile project management for dummies

QA76.76.H94 L335 2013
HTML5 and CSS3 responsive Web design cookbook : learn the secrets of developing responsive websites capable of interfacing with today's mobile Internet devices

QA76.76.H94 M33 2011
HTML5 : the missing manual

QA76.76.M52 G87 2013
Java EE 7 essentials

QA76.76.T48 C75 2009
Agile testing : a practical guide for testers and agile teams

QA76.76.T48 S66 2011
Software testing foundations : a study guide for the certified tester exam : foundation level, ISTQB compliant

QB43.3 .S36 2007
Pathways to astronomy

QB45.2 .A76 2006
Explorations : an introduction to astronomy

QC228.3 .E93 2011
Live sound fundamentals

QP141 .W38 2009
Wardlaw's perspectives in nutrition

R702 .T36 2012
Health and wellness in colonial America

RA781.63 .W35 2011
The anatomy of stretching : your illustrated guide to flexibility and injury rehabilitation

RA784 .P6429 2009
Food rules : an eater's manual

RA790.5 .F74 2013
The stressed sex : uncovering the truth about men, women and mental health

RC275 .H47 2012
Betrayed by nature : the war on cancer

RC537 .S5245 2013
How everyone became depressed : the rise and fall of the nervous breakdown

RC553.A88 G74 2006
Thinking in pictures : and other reports from my life with autism

RC569.5.C63 B436 2009
The new codependency : help and guidance for the today's generation

RJ131 .A49 2003
Developmental profiles : pre-birth through twelve

RJ216 .K593 2013
Breast or bottle? : contemporary controversies in infant feeding policy and practice

RM324.8 .S47 2012
The psychedelic renaissance : reassessing the role of psychedelic drugs in 21st century psychiatry and society

RM666.H33 E55 2012
Herbal supplements and the brain : understanding their health benefits and hazards

T385 .B945 2012
Autocad 2013 for dummies

TA1637 .B38 2012
Photoshop CS6 for dummies

TJ163.2 .G657 2013
Sustainable energy management

TJ807.9.U6 Z44 2012
Green illusions : the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism

TK5105.888 .N489 2012
Learning Web design : a beginner's guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and web graphics

TK5105.88815 .S44 2009
Programming the Semantic Web

TK7887 L583 2012
ComputerCare's laptop repair workbook : the 300 cases of classic notebook computers troubleshooting and repair

TR15 .M273 2006
Photography : a cultural history

TR267.5.A3 S66 2012
Photoshop CS6 : the missing manual

TR680 .M374 2012
Dancers among us : a celebration of joy in the everyday

TR 690 A1 P48
Graphis photography

TX353 .D78 2004
Nutrition for foodservice and culinary professionals

TX643 .R68 2012
Food and social media : you are what you tweet

TX652 .B5844 2002
Culinary math

TX719 .K496 2012
The little Paris kitchen : 120 simple but classic French recipes

TX773 .F38813 2013
Patisserie : mastering the fundamentals of French pastry : 3,200 step-by-step photos

TX837 .B5284 2007
How to cook everything vegetarian : simple meatless recipes for great food

Z246 .J87 2012
Graphic design before graphic designers : the printer as designer and craftsman 1700-1914

ZA4234.G64 H56 2013
Google and the culture of search

Leisure Reading 3409
Primates : the fearless science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Biruté Galdikas

Leisure Reading 3439
Managing your depression : what you can do to feel better

Leisure Reading 3444

Leisure Reading 3445
The widow of the South

Leisure Reading 3446

Chasing Harry Winston

Leisure Reading 3447
Shelter me

Leisure Reading 3448
Don't sweat the small stuff at work : simple ways to minimize stress and conflict while bringing out the best in yourself and others

Leisure Reading 3449
The opposite of me : a novel

Leisure Reading 3450
The final solution : a story of detection

Leisure Reading 3451
The god of small things

Leisure Reading 3452
The color purple

Leisure Reading 3453
The kingdom

Leisure Reading 3455
Days of magic, nights of war

Leisure Reading 3456
The dark is rising

Leisure Reading 3457
Over sea, under stone

Leisure Reading 3458
Leisure Reading Your blood never lies : how to read a blood test for a longer, healthier life

Leisure Reading 3459
An apple a day : a memoir of love and recovery from anorexia

Leisure Reading 3460
The bridesmaid's manual : make it to and through the wedding with your sanity (and your friendship) intact

Leisure Reading 3461
Montana refuge

Leisure Reading 3462
Table for five

Leisure Reading 3463
Thread of suspicion

Leisure Reading 3464
Twenties girl : a novel

Leisure Reading 3465
Mortal fear