Monday, March 2, 2015

New Books Available

March is here! Spring blossoms are blooming and there's a fresh batch of books at the Library.

Which books will you check out? Browse them online or in person.

New books are available for four-week check out with your SWC photo ID card.

New Books

Leisure Reading Collection!212831~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=28&source=~!horizon&term=Fail+fast%2C+fail+often+%3A+how+losing+can+help+you+win+%2F&index=ALLTITL

Leisure Reading 1305
Fail fast, fail often : how losing can help you win

Stacks Collection

BR1642.U5 S58 2013
American evangelicals today

BS651 .C38 2013
Intelligently designed : how creationists built the campaign against evolution

BX1378.7 .V35 2013
Pope Francis : untying the knots!212835~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!horizon&term=Faith%2C+family%2C+and+Filipino+American+community+life+%2F&index=ALLTITL

BX1407.F55 C44 2014
Faith, family, and Filipino American community life 

CC110 .B76 2013
Cultural negotiations : the role of women in the founding of Americanist archaeology

DA506.B9 N67 2013
Edmund Burke : the first conservative

DT1949.B55 M36 2014
Biko : a life

E184.M5 G367 2000
Viva Kennedy : Mexican Americans in search of Camelot

E185.61 .P19 2002
American nightmare : the history of Jim Crow

E185.97.B214 D35 1990
Ella Baker : a leader behind the scenes!212612~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=3&source=~!horizon&term=Ella+Baker+%3A+community+organizer+of+the+Civil+Rights+movement+%2F&index=ALLTITL

E185.97.B214 M69 2013
Ella Baker : community organizer of the Civil Rights movement 

E185.97.R63 G66 2013
Paul Robeson : a watched man

E185.97.R63 L83 2012
Robeson : an American ballad

E185.97.W69 R93 2014
Roy Wilkins : the quiet revolutionary and the NAACP

E444.N87 F57 2013
Solomon Northup : the complete story of the author of Twelve years a slave

E464 .C5635 2014
The Civil War : the final year told by those who lived it

E806 .H555 2009
The Great Depression and the New Deal

F1230 .D5378 2010
The conquest of New Spain!212844~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=7&source=~!horizon&term=They+called+them+greasers+%3A+Anglo+attitudes+toward+Mexicans+in+Texas%2C+1821-1900+%2F&index=ALLTITL

F395.M5 D43 1983
They called them greasers : Anglo attitudes toward Mexicans in Texas, 1821-1900

F574.D4 N4326 1991
Layered violence : the Detroit rioters of 1943

F704.T92 M33 2001
The burning : massacre, destruction, and the Tulsa race riot of 1921

F786 .D633 1978
Coronado's children : tales of lost mines and buried treasures of the Southwest

GN378 .P4616 2007
Book of peoples of the world : a guide to cultures

GV1785.M3 S88 2013
The making of Markova : Diaghilev's baby ballerina to groundbreaking icon!212617~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=9&source=~!horizon&term=The+World+in+the+Curl+%3A+an+unconventional+history+of+surfing+%2F&index=ALLTITL

GV839.5 .W47 2013
The World in the Curl : an unconventional history of surfing 

HB241 .A557 2013
The age of oversupply : overcoming the greatest challenge to the global economy

HC79.I5 D43 2013
The great escape : health, wealth, and the origins of inequality 

HD62.5 .B365 2013
Launching a business : the first 100 days

HD6534.O33 H46 2013
Fires on the border : the passionate politics of labor organizing on the Mexican frontera

HD9696.8.A2 Y66 2012
The dynamic internet : how technology, users, and businesses are transforming the network!212854~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=11&source=~!horizon&term=The+new+Asia+%3A+business+strategies+for+the+economic+region+that+is+shaking+up+the+world+%2F&index=ALLTITL

HF3752.3 .J36 2013
The new Asia : business strategies for the economic region that is shaking up the world 

HF5415 .M2194 2013
Marketing in the 21st century and beyond : timeless strategies for success

HG2565 .W47 2010
In Fed we trust : Ben Bernanke's war on the great panic

HQ1062 .H825 2013
The smart woman's guide to planning for retirement : how to save for your future today

HQ1075 .M4175 2012
Beyond X and Y : inside the science of gender

HQ1161 .S378 2013
What will it take to make a woman president? : conversations about women, leadership and power

HQ1236 .C375 2014
A call to action : women, religion, violence, and power!212855~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=13&source=~!horizon&term=Slavery+Inc.+%3A+the+untold+story+of+international+sex+trafficking+%2F&index=ALLTITL

HQ281 .C3313 2014
Slavery Inc. : the untold story of international sex trafficking 

HQ759.7 .D44 2013
The foster parenting manual : a practical guide to creating a loving, safe, and stable home

HQ769 .P277 2012
Talk with your kids : 109 conversations about ethics and things that really matter

HV5801 .P75 2012
Fixing drugs : the politics of drug prohibition

HV6250.4.W65 M32645 2013
Women and crime : the essentials

HV8886.U5 A73 2012
Parental incarceration and the family : psychological and social effects of imprisonment on children, parents, and caregivers

HV9471 .C574 2014
The punishment imperative : the rise and failure of mass incarceration in America

HV95 .M845 2013
Do federal social programs work?

HV9950 .F744 2012
Race and justice : wrongful convictions of African American men!212627~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=15&source=~!horizon&term=The+great+debate+%3A+Edmund+Burke%2C+Thomas+Paine%2C+and+the+birth+of+right+and+left+%2F&index=ALLTITL

JK275 .L5 2014
The great debate : Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the birth of right and left 

JZ1318 .K575 2002
Fences and windows : dispatches from the front lines of the globalization debate

KF1600 .K83 2012
The legal environment of business : a critical thinking approach

KF4550 .V553 2014
The United States Constitution : questions and answers

KF9725 .P35 2014
The death penalty in the United States : a complete guide to federal and state laws

LB1573.5 .T68 2013
The read-aloud handbook

LB2328 .C55 2014
The American community college

LB2328.15 .U6 W95 2014
What excellent community colleges do : preparing all students for success!212867~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=17&source=~!horizon&term=Community+college+success+%3A+you+are+not+alone+%3A+how+to+finish+with+friends%2C+scholarships%2C+internships%2C+and+the+career+of+your+dreams+%2F&index=ALLTITL

LB2342.32 .A49 2012
Community college success : you are not alone : how to finish with friends, scholarships, internships, and the career of your dreams 

LC214.2 .M67 2004
Remember : the journey to school integration

LD3412.9 .M38 2013
James Meredith : warrior and the America that created him

ML410.B4 S88 2013
Beethoven : the man revealed

ML410.J62 J6313 2011
Antonio Carlos Jobim : an illuminated man

ML419.A75 B776 2014
Louis Armstrong, master of modernism

ML419.B87 A3 2013
Learning to listen : the jazz journey of Gary Burton : an autobiography

ML429 .G67 A3 1994
To be loved : the music, the magic, the memories of Motown!212634~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=21&source=~!horizon&term=Arts+and+crafts+of+the+Islamic+lands&index=ALLTITL

N6260 .A77 2013
Arts and crafts of the Islamic lands : principles, materials, practice 

N7340 .T73 1997
Chinese art

ND1460.P35 M85 2003
Picturing men and women in the Dutch Golden Age : paintings and people in historical perspective

P96.W6 P88 2014
Spectacular girls : media fascination and celebrity culture

PA4025.A2 M57 2011
The Iliad

PA4025.A5 M58 2013
The Odyssey

PN1042 .L663 2013
The virtues of poetry

PN2061 .M18 2011
Acting is believing : [a basic method for beginners]

PN3365 .S53 2013
The language of fiction : a writer's stylebook!212879~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=23&source=~!horizon&term=Out+of+print+%3A+newspapers%2C+journalism+and+the+business+of+news+in+the+digital+age+%2F&index=ALLTITL

PN5114.F5 B76 2013
Out of print : newspapers, journalism and the business of news in the digital age 

PN81 .D55 2015
Theory into practice : an introduction to literary criticism

PQ2605.A3734 E813 1989
The stranger

PQ6663.U4795 N63 2009
La noche de los tiempos

PQ8098.1.L54 Z87 2013
Isabel Allende : a literary companion

PQ8180.32 A797 R85 2011
El ruido de las cosas al caer

PS3556.R352 F74 2010

PS3562.A433 S54 1992
She's come undone!212642~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=25&source=~!horizon&term=The+son+%2F&index=ALLTITL

PS3613.E976 S66 2013
The son 

PZ7.M2225 Ynm 2013
You were the first

QA76.2 H67 B49 2012
Grace Hopper and the invention of the information age

QA76.585 .H93 2012
Hybrid cloud for dummies

QA76.73.J39 D83 2014
JavaScript and jQuery : interactive front-end web development

QP376 .S858 2014
We are our brains : a neurobiography of the brain, from the womb to Alzheimer's!212885~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=27&source=~!horizon&term=Unraveling+U.S.+health+care+%3A+a+personal+guide+%2F&index=ALLTITL

RA395.A3 W56 2013
Unraveling U.S. health care : a personal guide 

RA781.63 K66 2013
Resistance band workbook : illustrated step-by-step guide to stretching, strengthening and rehabilitative techniques

RC531 .H6825 2013
Anxiety : a short history

RC672 .D47 2013
Heart disease

T223.P2 B38 2013
The pocket legal companion to patents : a friendly guide to protecting and profiting from patents

T385 .C5735 2014
Computer graphics : principles and practice

T385 .S65994 2014
SolidWorks surface tools

TJ181 B76 2010
507 mechanical movements : mechanisms and devices

TK5105.8855 .K19 2012
A guide to computer network security!212896~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=subtab13&menu=search&ri=29&source=~!horizon&term=Getting+started+with+hobby+quadcopters+and+drones+%2F&index=ALLTITL

TL771 .I87 2014
Getting started with hobby quadcopters and drones

TN880.2 .P78 2014

TT847 .M37 2014
Spinning and dyeing yarn : the home spinner's guide to creating traditional and art yarns