Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Books Available!

Over 180 books were just added to the Library's collection. Browse them online or stop by in person and visit the New Books Area near the Library entrance.

You can take up to 25 books home for four weeks -- just bring your SWC photo ID card to check them out!

Here are the books grouped by subject (call number):

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B3312.E5 K38 1992
Basic writings of Nietzsche

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BD638 .B335 2013
A brief history of the philosophy of time

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BF431 .C47 2013
Matter and consciousness

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CC79.5.A5 B44 2013
Identifying and interpreting animal bones : a manual

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D810.C8 T33 2014
Chasing gold : the incredible story of how the Nazis stole Europe's bullion

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DA483.B45 B97 2014
Belle : the slave daughter and the Lord Chief Justice

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DC129 .W55 2007
Louis XIV

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DC216.1 .W44 2015
Ambition and desire : the dangerous life of Josephine Bonaparte

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DC733 .H68 2014
Controlling Paris : armed forces and counter-revolution, 1789-1848

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DS79.769 .R39 2014
Iraq after America : strongmen, sectarians, resistance

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DS79.9.B25 M37 2014
Baghdad : city of peace, city of blood--a history in thirteen centuries

DS414 .N64 1980
Eternal India

DT352.8 .O46 2014 
by Dayo Olopade
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014

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DT652.R4913 2014
Congo : the epic history of a people

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E78.C15 C34 2008
Strangers in a stolen land : Indians of San Diego County from prehistory to the New Deal

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E93 .A42 2014
Native America and the question of genocide

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E99.W84 M34 2013
Pinson Mounds : middle woodland ceremonialism in the Midsouth

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E183.8.C5 G736 2014
Ping-pong diplomacy : the secret history behind the game that changed the world

 E184.A1 B597 2014 
4th edition
by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2014

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E184.M88 I65 2013
Islamophobia in America : the anatomy of intolerance

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E185.97.C27 J63 2014
Stokely : a life

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E210 .B94 2014
An empire on the edge : how Britain came to fight America

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E445.V8 T38 2013
The internal enemy : slavery and war in Virginia, 1772-1832

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E901.1.P38 A3 2009
The revolution : a manifesto

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F1030.1 .C4352 2012
Samuel de Champlain : Founder of New France : A Brief History with Documents

F1030.5 .L33
Relation of the discoveries and voyages of Cavelier de La Salle from 1679 to 1681, the official narrative

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F3101.A4 F548 2013
Salvador Allende : revolutionary democrat

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G1037 .F6 2013
Mapping the First World War : battlefields of the great conflict from above

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GF13 .A35 2014
The human age : the world shaped by us

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GT1720 .H48 2014
Women in clothes

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GT2850 .P65 2006
The omnivore's dilemma : a natural history of four meals

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GT2853.I8 M4 2015
Cooking and eating in renaissance Italy : from kitchen to table

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GT2960 .E45 2014
Lunch : a history

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GT4965 .M67 2012
Trick or treat : a history of Halloween

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GV481 .D587 2014
8 weeks to SEALfit : a Navy SEAL's guide to unconventional training for physical and mental toughness

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GV706.32 .H38 2010
The new plantation : Black athletes, college sports, and predominantly White NCAA institutions

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GV731 .H85 2009
The sports rules book

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GV944.L3 C35 2014
Golazo! : the beautiful game from the Aztecs to the World Cup : the complete history of how soccer shaped Latin America

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GV1595 .D36 2014
The dance experience : insights into history, culture, and creativity

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GV1619 .S77 2012
Looking at contemporary dance : a guide for the internet age

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GV1782.5 .H83 1987
The art of making dances.

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GV1783 .L44 2011
Introduction to modern dance techniques

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GV1783 .V57 1998
The vision of modern dance : in the words of its creators

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GV1788.5 .N485 2012
How to teach beginning ballet : the first three years

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HB171.5 .B155 2015
Foundations of economics

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HB501 .D428 2014
Capitalism : should you buy it? an invitation to political economy

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HB501.M3137 2014
The road to global prosperity

HC108.S65 W35 2014 
by Mary LindensteinWalshok
Stanford Business Books, Stanford University, 2014

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HC110.I5 A74 2015
The wealth divide

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HD30.2 .N534 2013
Mobile strategy : how your company can win by embracing mobile technologies

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HD58.6 .W49 2013
The art of negotiation : how to improvise agreement in a chaotic world

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HD58.7 .S435 2014
The decoded company : know your talent better than you know your customers

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HD62.5 .T525 2014
Zero to one : notes on startups, or how to build the future

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HD6053 .W477 2014
What works for women at work : four patterns working women need to know

HD8081.M6 G6648 2013
2nd edition
by Gilbert G. Gonzalez
Paradigm Publishers, 2013

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HD9415.L46 2014
The meat racket : the secret takeover of America's food business

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HD9560.5 .B625 2013

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HD9975.A2 M495 2013
Junkyard planet : travels in the billion-dollar trash trade

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HF5415.13 .P36 2014
The 20 Ps of marketing : a complete guide to marketing strategy

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HG221 .A74 2015

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HG5570.A4 P4813 2014
The world's first stock exchange

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HM821 .D585 2014
Divided : the perils of our growing inequality

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HM851 .N34 2013
Going viral

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HN110.5.A8 U6 2014
Until the rulers obey : voices from Latin American social movements

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HQ27 .B47 2014
Kids gone wild : from rainbow parties to sexting, understanding the hype over teen sex

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HQ35 .H38 2013
100 questions you'd never ask your parents straight answers to teens' questions about sex, sexuality, and health

HQ519 .B35 2014
by Maureen Baker
Oxford University Press, 2014

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HQ755.8 .G463 2013
Gender and parenthood : biological and social scientific perspectives

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HQ784.M3 H26 2008
The handbook of children, media, and development

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HQ796 .H215 2014
Subcultures : the basics

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HQ1416 .B43 1996
First generations : women in colonial America.

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HT871.S49 2009
A crime so monstrous : face-to-face with modern-day slavery

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HT1521 .T472 2015
Theories of race and ethnicity : contemporary debates and perspectives

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HV6431 .E934 2014
The evolution of the global terrorist threat : from 9/11 to Osama bin Laden's death

HV6432 .K85 2014
by Robert Kumamoto
Routledge, 2014

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HV6545 .C428 2011
Suicide : the philosophical dimensions

HV 6787 A3 2013
Crime in the U.S.

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JQ1998.N2 G55 2013
The last Afrikaner leaders : a supreme test of power

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JV6483 .R44 2015
Detained and deported : stories of immigrant families under fire

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KF390.E57 S87 2012
Music law : how to run your band's business

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KF2905.3 .M4377 2015
Medical malpractice

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KF3941 .W35 2014
The Second Amendment : a biography

KF4550 .A764 2009
U.S. Constitution for dummies

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KZ1268 .C43 2013
The electronic silk road : how the web binds the world in commerce

L 112 A35 2012
Digest of education statistics.

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LB2324.B46 2013
Is college worth it? : a former United States Secretary of Education and a liberal arts graduate expose the broken promise of higher education

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LB2806.22 .C83 2013
Inside the black box of classroom practice : change without reform in American education

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LB3013.3 .E645 2013
Bullying and cyberbullying : what every educator needs to know

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LB3067.4 .D43 2013
Debating single-sex education : separate and equal?

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LC2670.6 .P47 2012
Americans by heart : undocumented Latino students and the promise of higher education

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ML74.3 .A93 2011
The audio programming book

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ML410.C734 L45 2014
A broken hallelujah : rock and roll, redemption, and the life of Leonard Cohen

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ML419.H26 A3 1993
Hamp : an autobiography

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ML420.M3313 S74 2009
Bob Marley : a life

ML420.M3313 W5 2006
by Timothy White
Definitive Edition - Revised and Updated 
Henry Holt, 2006

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ML421.B4 G74 2013
All the songs : the story behind every Beatles release

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ML429.D36 A3 2013
The soundtrack of my life

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ML3487.B7 C39 2000
Bossa nova : the story of the Brazilian music that seduced the world

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ML3521 L47 2013
Who did it first? : great rhythm and blues cover songs and their original artists

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ML3790 .A45 2011
Artist management for the music business

ML3790 .R49 2013
The tour book : how to get your music on the road

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MT588 .F87 2014
Learn how to play the acoustic guitar : a complete practical guide with 750 step-by-step photographs, illustrations and musical exercises

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N7346.T5 F57 1997
Art of Tibet

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NA9070 .W34 2013
Ancient origins of the Mexican plaza : from primordial sea to public space

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NB1142 .M77 2013
Sculpture now

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NC1429.C525 A2 2014
Can't we talk about something more pleasant?

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PN56.H55 L59 2013
Literature of the Holocaust

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PN1993.5.U6 T453 2014
The $11 billion year : from Sundance to the Oscars, an inside look at the changing Hollywood system

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PN2080 .O585 2007
One on one : the best women's monologues for the 21st century

PN4129.15 .W94 2014
by Sims Wyeth
W.W. Norton, 2014

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PN6110.D3 D36 2006
Dance in poetry : an international anthology of poems on dance

PN6111 .B47 2014
The best American short plays 2012-2013

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PN6710 .S613 2014
The origins of comics : from William Hogarth to Winsor McCay

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PQ8180.17.A73 C6813 1983
Chronicle of a death foretold

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PR3726 .D27 2013
Jonathan Swift : his life and his world

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PS2506 .M37 2013
Margaret Fuller : a new American life

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PS3551.L215 U56 2013
An unnecessary woman

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PS3551.L35774 A27 2009
The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian

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PS3557.L8 A64 2014
Faithful and virtuous night

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PS3571.P4 Z556 2013

PS3601.S26 Z46 2014
by MK Asante
Spiegel and Grau, 2014 

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PS3602.A5842 F58 2014
The flick

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PS3603.R44 S57 2013
The sleep of reason

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PS3609.B73 Y45 2014
Yellow Crocus

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PS3622.E744 C87 2010
Cutting for stone : a novel

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PZ7.D41136 Dan 2014
A dance like starlight : one ballerina's dream

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QA75 .S954 2001
The difference engine : Charles Babbage and the quest to build the first computer.

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QA76 .M21453 2012
Nine algorithms that changed the future : the ingenious ideas that drive today's computers

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QA76.17 .C36 2014
Computer : a history of the information machine

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QA76.76.C672 C446 2014
The game production handbook

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QC225.15 .E93 2015
Master handbook of acoustics

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QC981.8.C5 S3556 2009
Climate change : picturing the science

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QH325 .R818 2014
Creation : how science is reinventing life itself

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QH332 .F46 2013
Bioethics in historical perspective

QH375 .W327 2014
by Andreas Wagner
Penguin, 2014

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QH431 .H8373 2013
Human heredity in the twentieth century

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QH447 .H368 2015
Ancestors in our genome : the new science of human evolution

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QL567.1.U6 L43 2013
Field guide to the common bees of California : including bees of the Western United States

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QM25 .M225 2008
The illustrated atlas of the human body

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QP363.3 .D66 2015
The brain's way of healing : remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity

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QP425.D84 2014
The secret life of sleep

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R690 .C376 2014
Careers in healthcare

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R724 .C663 2014
Contemporary debates in bioethics

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R728.5 .S65 2012
Medical billing and coding for dummies

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RA441 .F74 2014
Lethal but legal : corporations, consumption, and protecting public health

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RA638 .A74 2015

RA644.6 .E38 2013
by Laurie Edwards
Walker & Co., 2013

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RA781.7 .C685 2001
Anatomy of Hatha Yoga : a manual for students, teachers, and practitioners

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RA784 .T529 2014
Discover your nutritional style : your seasonal plan to a healthy, happy and delicious life

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RC588.D53 S56 2013
Food allergies : a complete guide for eating when your life depends on it

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RC1220.D35 M37 2009
Nutrition for the dancer

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RJ144 .G74 2014
The new puberty : how to navigate early development in today's girls

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S494.5.P47 F69 2014
Sustainable revolution : permaculture in ecovillages, urban farms, and communities worldwide

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SB255 .F56 2014
Hemp bound : dispatches from the front lines of the next agricultural revolution

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SB470.D47 S43 2010
Garden legacy : the residential landscapes of Design Workshop

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SB472.45 .N49 2003
New gardens of the American West : residential landscapes of Design Workshop

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SF271 .T86 2014
The science of cheese

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T58.5 .R667 2012
iDisorder : understanding our obsession with technology and overcoming its hold on us

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TH4860 .S69 2014
A place in the sun : green living and the solar home

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TK7825 .F58 2005
The electronics companion

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TK7881.4 .F365 2010
Designing sound

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TT713 .V37 2012
Sewing solutions : tips and advice for the savvy sewist

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TX724.5.A1 C43 2009

ZA4234.G64 B87 2014
by Christa Burns
Neal Schuman, 2014

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ZA4237 .D43 2014
Going beyond Google again : strategies for using and teaching the Invisible Web

Leisure Reading 2230
The lost hours

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Leisure Reading 2231
On Folly Beach

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Leisure Reading 3269
Half broke horses : a true-life novel

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Leisure Reading 3296
The Hunger games

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Leisure Reading 3297
Catching fire

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Leisure Reading 3298

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Leisure Reading 3518
Bad birthdays : the truth behind your crappy sun sign

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Leisure Reading 3519
Sima's undergarments for women

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Leisure Reading 3520
Skeletons at the feast : a novel

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Leisure Reading 3521
Model : the ugly business of beautiful women

Image result for A orillas del río piedra me senté y lloré / Paulo Coelho ; traducción de Montserrat Mira.
Leisure Reading 3522
A orillas del río piedra me senté y lloré / Paulo Coelho ; traducción de Montserrat Mira.

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Leisure Reading 3523
The marriage bureau for rich people

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Leisure Reading 3524
The mighty queens of Freeville : a mother, a daughter, and the people who raised them

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Leisure Reading 3525
Francesco : una vida entre el cielo y la tierra 

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Leisure Reading 3526
The book of unknown Americans

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Leisure Reading 3534
Still Alice : a novel 

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Leisure Reading 3535
An Irish country Christmas : a novel

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Leisure Reading 3536
Women change the world : noteworthy women on cultivating your potential and achieving success

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Leisure Reading 3537
More than words. Volume 6